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Young Man Afraid of His Horses

Tasunka Kokipapi




Man Afraid and his son, Young Man Afraid, standing left

The family is identified with the Hunkpatila band of Oglalas during the adulthood of Old Man Afraid of His Horse. His oldest son and namesake was born into that band (ca. 1836), a kinsman named Yellow Eagle was identified as the Hunkpatila chief in 1839 (by Joseph Nicollet), and Old Man Afraid was rated the chief of the band in an 1867 tabulation. The band split over its stance toward the USA - repeatedly after 1866, but finally in 1871 when the Man Afraid segment settled permanently at Red Cloud Agency. It then became regularly known as the Payabya band. The non-treaty faction retained the Hunkpatila name, and remained in the Powder River country, led by such headmen as Little Hawk, Worm, Yellow Eagle (III?), and most famously Crazy Horse. — Kingsley Bray


The following publication contains information about Young Man Afraid of His Horses:

Article: "Slaughter at Fort Phil Kearney" by J. P. Dunn, Jr. • Real West • Vol. VII, No. 37 • September 1964.


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