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Lakota Circle Terminology
Teton Tribal Circle (Walker)
Dakota Tribal Circle (Walker)
Dakota Tribal Circle (Joe Eagle Hawk)
Teton Tribal Circle (Douville)

Lakota Circles:

Miniconyou (Bull Eagle)
Miniconjou (No Heart) 1884
Upper Brule
Lower Brule
Brule (Victor Douville)
Brule (Kingsley Bray)
Oglala (Walker)
Oglala (Robinson ) 1879
Oglala (Cleveland) 1884
Northern Oglala (Walker)
Northern Oglala (Red Paint) 1931
Southern Oglala (Walker)
Southern Oglala (Lone Bull) 1939
Sans Arc (Charger) 1880/84
Sihasapa (Grass) 1880
Sihasapa (Charger) 1884

Yanktonai Circles:

Upper Yanktonai
Lower Yanktonai

Yankton Circles:


Dakota Circles:

Sisseton 1884
Northern Sisseton
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