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White Bird

Nez Perce



White Bird (Nez Perce) * Born in 1807 in Lamtama (or lam'atta) band of Nez Perce tribe, located in Upper Salmon River (Idaho). His Indian name Peopeo Kiskiok Hihih literally meaning "White Goose." He was the oldest of five chiefs in the war of 1877. Famous medicine man and brave warrior, he always was quiet and diplomatic but also refused every arrangement on his way of life. Some of his warriors started the war, attacking the abusive white farmers in their territory. White Bird was present in every battle and had a fundamental role, especially in the "Big Hole" battle of 9 August 1877 against Gen. Gibbon's troops. He was the only chief, with another 200 people, to arrive at the Canadian border and reach Sitting Bull's village at "Cypress Hill" where he obtain hospitality. Then he was transferred to the Piegan village at "Pincher Creek." On many occasions, the U.S. emissary tried to convince him to come back to the Nez Perce Reservation, but he never trusted them. On 6 March 1882, near For McLeod (Alberta), he was murdered with an axe by his warrior Hasen Nah Amah Kikt to impute the death of a parent of his, accusing the chief of sorcery.


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