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Mary Crawler
also known as
Her Eagle Robe
also known as
Moving Robe Woman




Her Eagle Robe, a/k/a Moving Robe Woman, a/k/a Mary Crawler, Hunkpapa Sioux woman, rode into battle after she saw her brother Deeds shot off his horse. She was reported to have killed Isaiah Dorman in the valley after Deeds was killed.

Mary Crawler, daughter of Chief Crawler, was known as a warrior until her death and was honored as a warrior with the men.

Moving Robe Woman, a/k/a Mary Crawler; or Her Eagle Robe a Hunkpapa Sioux She is the sister of Deeds. She fought in the Little Big Horn She was in valley with the Custer fight after Deeds was killed she went into battle. MOVING ROBE dropped the sharp stick she used to dig up prairie turnips, her attention drawn to a dust cloud rising in the east. The 23-year-old daughter of a Hunkpapa Lakota named Crawler had only a few seconds to ponder its meaning. As she stood in the open valley 1 on this hot, sultry day, a mounted warrior dashed by, calling out the alarm: Soldiers were coming! Women and children should run to the hills! Moving Robe, however, did nothing of the kind. She dropped her gathered turnips and ran for her tepee. The warriors needed no further encouragement. Already they flanked the soldiers who had halted and dismounted in the valley south of the Hunkpapa camp. Moving Robe ran back to her lodge, only to be greeted with the news that her young brother Deeds had been killed in the initial charge. "Revenge!" she cried. She hurriedly braided her hair, painted her face crimson, and rushed to get her horse. "I was in mourning," she said. "I was a woman, but I was not afraid." Eagle Elk rode by to see an Indian woman, whose name he thought was Her Eagle Robe, standing over the dark-skinned man, who was begging for his life. He heard her call out, "If you did not want to be killed, why did you not stay home where you belong and not come to attack us?" Moving Robe stated, "I have not boasted of my conquests." But if she was the Indian woman seen hovering over the black man, she had certainly slaked her thirst for revenge for the death of her brother Deeds.

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

The following publications contain information about Moving Robe Woman:

Article: "Moving Robe Warrior Woman" by Merry Helm • Williston Herald (Williston, North Dakota • Accessed June 24, 2021.


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