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Bear Comes Out
Mato Hinapa
1858 - ?

Wife: Cow

Daughter: Jennie

Bear Comes Out with Wife Cow and Daughter Jennie, circa 1900

This circa 1900 photograph is of Bear Comes Out (Mato Hinapa), an Oglala from the Porcupine District on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He was born about 1858. His wife was known as Cow, later as Mary; she was born about 1861. They had one surviving child, a daughter named Jennie who was born in 1891. They lived on their allotment about 3 miles north of the town of Porcupine, South Dakota. Ephriam Dickson

The following publication contains information about Bear Comes Out:

Article: "Bear Comes Out" in Faces of Little Bighorn: The David Humphreys Miller Collection • Wassenberg Art Center • https://davidhumphreysmiller.org/bear-comes-out/ • Accessed June 29, 2020.



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