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Bad Heart Bull
Tatanka Cante Sica
also known as Mad Bull or Bull Without a Heart

Soreback (Cankahuhan) Band


Amos Bad Heart Bull (c. 1869-1913)
Lakota: Oglala
Son of Bad Heart Bull; nephew of He Dog. Known originally as Wanbli Wopaha (Eagle Bonnet); in the 1890s as Wahukeza Wanbli (Eagle Lance); known as Amos Bad Heart Bull starting about 1898. Enlisted as Indian Scout 1890-91; married Sophia Charging Thunder on August 4, 1907. A quick look through the list does not show the remainder of Bad Heart Bull's family, in addition to his son above.

Red Blanket (Tasin Luta Win) (born c. 1848)
Lakota: Oglala
Wife of Bad Heart Bull; married circa 1867-68. Also known as Gopher (Wahin Heyela) and Yankton Woman; known as Edith Bad Heart Bull beginning about 1898.

One Who Saves Life (Niwicaya) (c. 1872-1947)
Lakota: Oglala
Daughter of Bad Heart Bull. Name also translated as Saves Them, Makes Alive; known as Fanny Bad Heart Bull starting about 1898; married William Pretty Cloud.

A note for the whole Bad Heart Bull family:

Member of the Soreback Band, a small band of Oglala built around Bad Heart Bull's brothers. Family at the Little Bighorn in June 1876; surrendered at Red Cloud Agency April 18, 1877; accompanied Red Cloud's peace envoy to meet Crazy Horse, May 1877; Bad Heart Bull served in Indian Scouts at Red Cloud Agency, 1877; stampeded from Red Cloud to Spotted Tail Agency after the death of Crazy Horse, September 1877; Fled north with He Dog to join Sitting Bull in Canada, January 1878; surrrendered at Fort Keogh, 1880; transferred to Standing Rock Agency, summer 1881; transferred to Pine Ridge Agency, 1882.

Amos Bad Heart Bull was an artist in ledger book, including drawings of Little Bighorn. Published in Helen H. Blish, A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1967.

Ephriam Dickson


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