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Two Moons




By De Lancey Gill, 1913

Charles Milton Bell

By Charles Milton Bell (Two Moons, second from left, American Horse, third from left)

B y Richard Trossel, 1907

B y Richard Throssel, 1907

Two Moons addressing council, by Joseph K. Dixon

— Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

Early L.A. Huffman Photo

Young Two Moons, his nephew

Two Moons by Burbank, 1896

— Grahame Wood

Shown here are some of the Cheyenne chiefs present at the LBH battle, from left to right:

Sits in the Night; Red Cherries; Brave Wolf; Two Moons; American Horse; Buffalo Hump; Spotted Wolf; Old Wolf.

According to Frink/Barthelmess in "Photographer on an Army Mule" the photo was made at a council with General Nelson A. Miles at Lame Deer in 1889.

Two Moons was the spokesman of the Cheyenne at this council. I guess that Buffalo Hump is Bull Hump, son of Dull Knife. Spotted Wolf (or Young Spotted Wolf) and Old Wolf were both members of the 1873 delegation to Washington. — Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

This was taken at Little Bighorn in 1909.

— Grahame Wood

I visited Two Moons' grave Tuesday in Busby, Montana:

— Diane Merkel

The Indian holding the star-spangled banner on the right of Two Moons (on his left) looks like Laban Little Wolf.

— Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

Two Moons at Little Bighorn

A different view of the 1909 shot:

T aken by Joseph Kossuth Dixon, 1909

— Grahame Wood

Wanamaker photo:

Two Moons and Major McLaughlin dated circa 1900:

— Henri/"apsalooka"

B y Dixon

This photo is also in Powell´s "People of the Sacred Mountain". It was made in 1908 at a great gathering in the valley of the Little Bighorn. Two Moons and other Cheyennes along with representatives of other tribes assembled some thirty years after the battle. Wooden Leg also described the gathering in Marquis´ book about him. — Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

— Henri/"apsalooka"

By Edgar S. Paxson from 1902

— Agnes

Two Moons (left, facing the camera) and other Cheyennes at the Little Bighorn monument.

Two Moons by Joseph Henry Sharp. Painted at Lame Deer, Montana

— Grahame Wood


The following publications contain information about Two Moons:

Article: "Interview with Two Moon" by Hamlin Garland McClure's Magazine September 1898.

Article: "Was It Only Custer's Folly?" by Carl W. Breihan Golden West: True Stories of the Old West Vol. 4, No. 5 July 1968.

Article: "Lost 'Custer' Treasure Cache" by Grant Gordon Pioneer West December 1974.

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