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Little Wolf




Little Wolf at Laramie, 1868:

Little Wolf at Laramie, 1868
By Alexander Gardner

Little Wolf was married to Quiet One and Feather on Head, and he had two sons, Pawnee and Woodenthigh, and a daughter, Pretty Walker. — inkpaduta1981

Little Wolf and others at Fort Laramie, 1868, by Alexander Gardner

According to P. Powell, the man on the left is Short Hair, a Cheyenne council chief, who was obviously in mourning at the time and kind of feebleminded. I remember reading somewhere that the man in the center could be Dull Knife.
— Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

Little Wolf & Dull Knife in Washington 1873
Little Wolf & Dull Knife in Washington 1873

Little Wolf and his wife, October 1898, by George Bird Grinnell

Little Wolf by Grinnell (from the Roberts article in Montana Magazine)

— Dietmar Schulte-Möhring


The following publications contain information about Little Wolf:

Article: "Death Trail of the Cheyenne" by James Long • Real West • Vol. VII, No. 37 • September 1964.

Article: "Outrage at Oberlin" by Fred Kiewit • Frontier Times • Vol. 39, No. 5, New Series No. 37 • August-September 1965.



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