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Arikara Scouts at Little Bighorn

A list of Arikara scouts was published by Rhoda M. Star in Little Bighorn Remembered by Herman J. Viola.

Here is another good list: www.natureshift.org/Whawk/resource/scouts.html

You can find many names mentioned in the list in Orin G. Libby's book The Arikara Narrative of Custer's Campaign... (University of Oklahoma Press). I found there the following information about some of the Arikaras:

Boy Chief: brother of Red Bear; photo of him in the book. (I didn't find if he was named Black Calf also.)

Red Star: (a/k/a Strikes the Bear) born 1858 at Fort Clark; father: also Red Star; mother: Women-Goes-Into-Every-House; fought with Reno; from 1898 to 1901 he was on police duty. He changed his name to Red Star after the LBH battle! (His detailed narrative, his biography, and a photo are in Libby's book.)

Bull-Stands-in-the-Water: also named Bull in the Water; leader of the Arikara Da-roch-pa Society.

Charging Bull: captured a horse herd during the battle together with Bull, Red Wolf, and White Eagle.

Red Wolf: see Charging Bull

Scabby Wolf: he and Left Handed were sent back to Fort Lincoln with mail when the Custer column was in the Little Missouri region and later returned with mail from the fort.

Tall (High) Bear: was enlisted by F.F. Gerard among several others of Chief White Shield's police force; had a dispute with Reno during the march to the LBH. Reno ordered some scouts to stay behind because their horses were worn out. Tall Bear protested and even started for Reno with his knife. Bloody Knife sprang between and saved Reno. (This incident is also described by Ben Innis in Bloody Knife - Custer´s Favorite Scout.)

Pretty Face: when the mule train with supplies was left behind, Pretty Face was detailed on the duty of looking after it; after the Reno battle the scouts assembled what to do and by then Pretty Face had already joined the others from the pack train.

Charging up the Hill: no information.

— Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

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