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Forked Horn




Forked Horn was an Arikara scout who was present at Little Big Horn.

Born in 1839, Dakota Territory
Enlisted with the 7th on April 27, 1876
In valley and hilltop fights
Died in 1894
— Diane Merkel

Forked Horn is mentioned in "The Arikara Narrative of Custer´s campaign and the Battle of the Little Bighorn" by Orin B. Libby (editor) several times.

He was one time the leader of an arikara scouting party during the march to the LBH valley. Later he was in the fight with Reno, fighting in the brush along with Young Hawk.

After the fighting Forked Horn, several Arikaras, Varnum, Gerard and others went down to look for Custer´s body. Then he volunteered with Young Hawk to go to the deserted sioux camp for dried meat. There they found the body of a scout they thought was Bloody Knife. (See narrative of Young Hawk.)

It is also stated later in the book that Forked Horn was the father of Young Hawk. He was born about 1815 (?)and he died in 1894. Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

The following publication contains information about Forked Horn:

Article: "Startling Testimony of Custer's Scouts" by Laura Trowbridge • Young Hawk testified: "Forked Horn . . . saw that Bob-Tail-Bull was in trouble. He shouted, 'Let's dismount . . . make a stand.' Goose and I . . . each of us shot a Sioux right then. . . ." • Golden West • undated • Pages 30-31.




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