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Hunkpapas Surrendering in 1881

I'm assuming this is shortly after the surrender of Gall, Rain in the Face and Low Dog; Running Antelope is there as some sort of facilitator, I guess. I'm also assuming the jackets he and Gall are wearing were handed out for the occasion - maybe Rain's hat too. The latter is holding a photo of himself which I always thought was taken by Barry or Huffman shortly after surrender (if memory serves, he has fur-wrapped braids, one feather and is wearing an army blouse), but I guess must have been taken while he frequented Ft Abraham Lincoln or even during his period of arrest. — Grahame Wood

My information of this photo is:
made by Frank J. Haynes in 1881
The complete photo shows 10 Sioux Indians. In the front row sitting are Gall, Crawler, Low Dog/Crow King, Running Antelope and Rain-in-the-Face.
In the back row standing are Louis Sitting Bull, Chase Walking, Yellow Hawk, Fool Bear and Brave Thunder:

— Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

I have two D.F. Barry photographs of Louis Sitting Bull and one other in "The last years of Sitting Bull" of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

In "The Lance and the Shield" you find this statement: "there were the two stepsons brought into the marriage by Seen-By-The-Nation, identified in early years as Little Soldier and Blue Mountain, among other names, but in reservation years as Louis Sitting Bull and William Sitting Bull. William was the deaf-mute."

The deaf-mute stepson was also photographed by Barry, but he was named John Sitting Bull (a little confusing!)
— Dietmar Schulte-Möhring

Doesn't No. 7 remind you of Spotted Eagle, the Sans Arc leader, particularly with that knife club? — Grahame Wood

This a companion picture to the alleged Haynes group photo with Low Dog (available from SIRIS). This one is lacking the entourage standing behind Gall, Crawler, Low Dog, Running Antelope and Rain In The Face:

These 1881 Lakota photos might in fact be David Barry's work. Haynes seemed to have used and distributed them under his own name. — Hans Karkheck

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